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Welcome New Residents!

New Resident Information
Welcome to the Town of Seabrook

When moving to a new community you have many questions the Town of Seabrook website will help with obtaining some of the information you seek. The estimated current population of Seabrook is approximately 8500 residents. We have 1 Voting Poll location, Seabrook Community Center.

Proof of Residency – Please bring: Lease agreement, letter from owner of property, or a purchase and sales agreement of the property bought. The Town Clerks office will give a letter of residency if requested.

You can Register to Vote with the Town Clerk. NH Law requires a new resident within 60 days of moving to New Hampshire to Change their out of state Driver’s License to a New Hampshire Driver’s license. You must also register your car in New Hampshire at that time.

At the time you register your vehicle, you will receive a resident sticker that allows you to park at the beach and go to the dump.

If you are already a New Hampshire resident and have moved to Seabrook you need to change your address on your registration in the Town Clerks office and at that time you will receive a resident sticker.

Trash Removal is done by the Town of Seabrook. The days are according to the location of the house. Click Here for Street Listing By Day