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Welcome to the Seacoast’s southern gateway to New Hampshire, the Granite State. Seabrook is the heart of New England, connecting the rich resources and recreation areas of Northern New England with the centuries old marketing and population centers of Southern New England.

The community was settled in 1638 and named for the many brooks meandering to the Atlantic Ocean through its extensive salt marshes. Its early inhabitants were primarily engaged in the farming and fishing industries. Many of our current residents can trace their ancestry to the first Quaker settlers who moved here and established what is still a community with a special small-town atmosphere.

Seabrook has a host of opportunities to offer the traveler, the short and long-term visitor and those who select this peaceful seacoast community as their home.

We are but 36 miles from the Greater Boston area, 20 minutes from a deep-water port of call, and an hour’s drive from the White Mountains and New Hampshire’s pristine lakes.

Business and industry thrive in our low tax environment and business friendly community. Seabrook is the home to 250 industrial, commercial and retail companies that service the entire cross section of our national economy. It houses New Hampshire’s only nuclear power plant, the Seabrook Station. We are the home of other large companies including Yankee Greyhound Racing, Market Basket, Wal-Mart, Dinsmore (communications), and Teledyne (electrical connectors) and more than a hundred small, medium and large retail businesses that will meet your everyday and shopping needs.

The community has an active seacoast with miles of clean beaches, an active harbor with a thriving business sector. Our harbor is the home of the Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative with an active fishing fleet that on any day can be seen bringing in their catch of fish and lobster. Most of our beach is residential with a large cross section of year-round and summer homes and with an assortment of seasonal rental cottages.

Seabrook offers many community activities for its citizens. Seabrook Station offers its Science and Nature Center; the Owascoag Nature Center features a one-mile tour through a preserved forest and salt marsh. The Seabrook Community Center offers programs from pre-schoolers to senior citizens, including tennis lessons, dances, sporting and exercise activities and recreation camps. The Center is equipped with a full-size gym and weight room. Youth sports include baseball, basketball, football and soccer on town-owned athletic fields and courts.

Civic groups include the Boy and Girl Scouts, Lions Club, Rotary, the American Legion and the Seabrook Historical Society. The Seabrook Library offers computers, after-school programs for children and a substantial selection of library materials that appeal to every taste.

The Conservation Commission carries on important programs that ensure the protection of the community’s environment. The Commission has completed a salt marsh restoration program, is preparing plans for a nature trail and to construct an observation platform for the study of the habitat that was so important to our early settlers. A town forest has been established for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Seabrook has industrial, commercial, retail and home sites available with access to regional transportation needs, an available labor force to meet your needs, low taxes, superior public and private facilities and a coastal environment and recreation that provides for a high standard of living. Seabrook can’t be beat – join us for the time of your life and enjoy all you have missed.

Town Manager