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Please note: The town of Seabrook is in the processes of leaving both and  Please use the link above for the replacements for both of those services.  (Powered by CASTUS.TV)


Brian Murphy – Technical Supervisor
Kelsey Lindgren-Bosco – Media & Projects Clerk
Morgan Cogdill – Operator
Jamie McDonald – Operator
Kelly McDonald – Operator
Jo-Anne Page – Operator
Judie Walker – Operator


For inquiries, please email our Programming Staff, or contact the Town Manager’s office:

Seabrook Town Offices
99 Lafayette Rd
Seabrook, NH 03874

P: 603-474-3311
F: 603-474-8007

Duties & Responsibilities:

Seabrook Community Television (SCTV) is a non-profit, municipal government access channel established with the overall goal to provide governmental programming of interest to the citizen’s of Seabrook concerning the functions, activities, programs and issues of the town.