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Hampton/Seabrook Harbor Dredging Information

The flyer below provides information regarding the Hampton and Seabrook Harbor Dredging project.

No Party Changes for Voters After October 25th for Pres. Primary


OCTOBER 25, 2019
7:00 PM – 7:30 PM


National Night Out 2019

Thank you to all those that participated in Seabrook’s National Night Out. The event was held at the Seabrook Police Department and sponsered by the Seabrook Police Association. The event drew a nice crowd of Seabrook Families and the community!

The NRC Denies C-10 Petition on Seabrook Station

Click HERE for the Memorandum and Order from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

C-10, in light of the successful license amendment and license renewal of Seabrook Station, filed an “emergency petition” with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, seeking review of those decisions by the Commission.

C-10 Research and Education Foundation filed a petition related to concrete degradation caused by alkali-silica reaction (ASR) at Seabrook Station, Unit. C-10 asks us to exercise our inherent supervisory authority to direct the NRC Staff to address the safety risk posed by ASR in the Seabrook containment building before the Staff acts on the ASR license amendment request (LAR) or license renewal application filed by NextEra Energy Seabrook.

The NRC has issued its decision on this matter, which is attached below. The C-10 request was denied in full.

Educational Bear Information

USDA Wildlife Services has provided useful links and information to prevent conflicts with bears below;

“Prime black bear habitat includes deciduous forests (oaks, maple, beech etc.), wetlands, and riparian (along rivers) zones. The natural areas surrounding your town provide very good habitat for black bears. Many human-bear conflicts arise when bears frequent properties to access food attractants that are found around homes. The most common attractants are birdfeeders, unsecured garbage, and compost piles which include food scraps. Livestock, such as chickens and pigs, can also attract bears when not properly protected. Electric fencing is the most effective way to protect livestock. In most cases removing the attractant the bear(s) are utilizing eliminates the bear problem. It is also helpful to harass bears with noise, such as banging pots and pans, or using compressed air horns to scare them away.”

YouTube Videos:

Bears and Chickens
Bears and Birdfeeders
Bears and Dumpsters

Swim Safety Seminar Video

Sponsored by the Seabrook Police and Seabrook Recreation Department. Featuring Chief Murphy of the New Hampshire Beach Patrol and Captain Dunleavy of the New Hampshire Marine Patrol, as well as Chief Brett Walker of Seabrook.

Click HERE to watch the video.



Seabrook Beach Village District Warrant for 2019

The Annual Meeting of the Seabrook Beach Village District will be held at the Seabrook Recreation/Community Center, 311 Lafayette Road on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at 7:00PM.

Mosquito Control Public Notice

Warrant Articles 2019 Report

This report gives the dollar amount impacts of the passed 2019 warrant articles, $.341 impact per $1,000 on the tax rate.


Recount Results

Here are the recount results from March 25, 2019;