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Seabrook Announces Voluntary Water Restrictions

For Release, October 5, 2020

Seabrook Announces Voluntary Water Restrictions ( Town seeks assistance in reducing water usage )

On October 5, 2020 the Town Of Seabrook at it’s scheduled Board of Selectmen meeting implemented a voluntary water ban. The Seabrook Board of Selectman acting in capacity as the water commissioners for The Town of Seabrook approved the request by Water/Sewer Superintendent Curtis Slayton and Chief Water Operator George Eaton.

Due to the recent dry conditions it has become necessary to ask residents to be mindful of how they use water. George has pointed out that under The Groundwater Management Plan all perimeters have been met to initiate a voluntary water ban.  He also points out that 5 of the 12 wells have been throttled back as to not harm the wells by over pumpage.

The Seabrook Board of Selectman request that the public repair any leaks inside or outside their homes, reduce the frequency of washing cars and refrain from washing driveways and sidewalks. Also the Town would like residents and businesses to close up irrigation  systems for the season.

The Seabrook Board of Selectman and the Seabrook Water Department are hopeful that more prudent use of water now, will help to avoid mandatory restrictions at a later date, and are appreciative of the support of the public.

Contact: William Manzi lll, Town Manager

603-474-3252    [email protected]