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Seabrook Public Auction

The Town of Seabrook has started to use the services provided by Public Surplus, a web portal where we can “auction” off equipment that has been declared surplus in order to maximize the return of value to our taxpayers. This is an initiative of our Chief Procurement Officer Shaylia Marquis, and I have provided the link to our first auction below. Please check back with us periodically, as we will continue to auction surplus equipment that may have residual value.

We have updated our purchasing policies to reflect both transparency and accountability, with Departments submitting requests to surplus equipment to our Procurement Office, who then prepares the necessary request to the Seabrook Board of Selectmen with all of the required asset detail. Final determination on suitability of the request lies with the Board of Selectmen, who enacted the new policy within the past 15 months. Thanks to the Board of Selectmen and our Procurement Office for this outstanding work.

Link to the auction site here.