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Seabrook Suspends Participation in Gulf of Maine Offshore Wind Task Force.

The Seabrook Board of Selectmen, after hearing a report from Chairman Aboul Khan, voted unanimously to suspend participation on the Gulf of Maine Offshore Wind Task Force. The letter suspending participation is below. The Board expressed, at their meeting and through the letter, a very strong concern for how the placement of turbines would impact the fishing industry. With those potential negative impacts the Board felt that the fishing industry needs to be afforded membership on the Task Force. Without that change being made the Seabrook Board of Selectmen felt it advisable to suspend Seabrook’s participation.

December 6, 2019
Mr. Matthew Mailloux, Energy Advisor
Office of Strategic Initiatives
107 Pleasant Street, Johnson Hall
Concord, NH 03301

Dear Mr. Mailloux,
Please accept this email as a suspension of the Town of Seabrook’s participation in the Gulf of Maine Offshore Wind Task Force. While the Task Force is addressing the vital issue of offshore wind it is our firm belief that due to potential impacts to the fishing industry this Task Force should have representation from that industry. Seabrook, which we represent, is a fishing community that hosts the Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative, and has a long history of participation in, and support of, the fishing industry. As a major stakeholder in any potential placement of wind turbines the fishing industry is entitled to a seat at this table. Without a voice for fisherman we feel that the potential impacts to their livelihood may not be fully understood, or addressed, by this task force, as currently constituted.


Aboul Khan Chairman
Theresa Kyle Vice Chair
Ella Brown Clerk