ALERTS: The tax rate and tax bills have been slightly delayed as we work through the process without an assessor. The rate setting is now with the State DRA, and we are hopeful that they will approve a rate in the near future

Notice of Leak Detection Work in Field

Superintendent Curtis Slayton of our Water Department has asked that the public be made aware that a contractor working for the State of New Hampshire will be out and about in Seabrook doing leak detection work during the month of March. They will be out all hours of the day and night, including weekends. They will be in marked trucks and will have safety vests and yellow lights. They will be attaching equipment to fire hydrants about the size of a soda can, silver in color. They may wrap the hydrant in orange cloth to hide the equipment as it is only held on by magnets. The contractor is Arthur Pyburn & Sons, Inc.

Periscope Interview with Water Superintendent Curtis Slayton

At the June 15th Board of Selectmen meeting Water Superintendent Curtis Slayton talked about the need for some voluntary water conservation by Seabrook residents. With two wells down for maintenance and with extremely dry weather our water system, on an 18 hour pump cycle, is bumping into its capacity.We used Periscope to do a live stream with Superintendent Slayton on that subject. This is a replay of that interview.