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The Seabrook 2020 CIP Draft is Posted

I am pleased to present the 2020 CIP Book to the Seabrook Planning Board, the Seabrook Board of Selectmen, and the Seabrook Budget Committee. I have also prepared a seven year history of capital spending, as well as a separate book (CIP Supplemental) that looks at how we fund CIP Projects, as well as how we are progressing with our 2019 articles. The additional information is designed to assist policy makers as they determine how to proceed in 2020 and beyond in authorizing, and funding, vital capital projects. Thanks to Shaylia Marquis for all of her work on this project, and a big thank you to all of our municipal departments for their contributions as well.

2020 CIP final

Seabrook 2020 CIP Submission Supplemental

Seabrook CIP Spending Seven Year Review 2019