ALERTS: The tax rate and tax bills have been slightly delayed as we work through the process without an assessor. The rate setting is now with the State DRA, and we are hopeful that they will approve a rate in the near future

Blind Exemption

BLIND EXEMPTION:   The Blind Exemption under RSA 72:27, is for persons who are legally blind as determined by the State of NH Services for the Blind.  The RSA is copied below.  One also has to be a Seabrook resident and have been a NH resident for 1 year preceding April 1st in the year of application.

You would need to bring this application to your eye doctor who will fill out the form and send it into the State of NH – Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired office in Concord, NH.

RSA 72:37 Exemption for the Blind. – Every inhabitant who is legally blind as determined by the blind services program, bureau of vocational rehabilitation, department of education shall be exempt each year on the assessed value, for property tax purposes, of his or her residential real estate to the value of $15,000, and a city or town may exempt any amount it may determine is appropriate to address significant increases in property values in accordance with the procedures in RSA 72:27-a. The term “”residential real estate” as used in this section shall mean the same as defined in RSA 72:29. All applications made under this section shall be subject to the provisions of RSA 72:33 and RSA 72:34.