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Snow Plowing & Snow Removal Procedures


This provides general information about snow and ice procedures, winter tips, important telephone numbers, and information regarding winter parking on our streets.  More importantly, this is intended to increase awareness about the roles we all play in providing safer streets during snow and ice emergencies.

Winter storms can test the patience of residents, motorists, pedestrians, and snowplow operators.  The Department of Public Works is committed to keeping the streets open, the traffic moving, and returning the Town’s streets to a safe condition as possible.  This letter is designed to increase awareness about Seabrook’s snowplowing and snow removal procedures and to encourage everyone’s cooperation in helping us achieve our goal.  The Seabrook DPW appreciates your patience and understanding during the winter months.
We strive to ensure the safest possible conditions during and after winter storm events.  

Plows will continue to clean, treat, and widen roadways until reasonably safe conditions are met.  Please keep in mind that plows and sanders are still hard at work well after the snow has stopped falling.


The Seabrook DPW maintains over 120 lane miles of roads in the community during the winter months, sanding and salting during ice and freezing rainstorms and plowing the snow off roadways during more significant storms.

Every snow removal event is different.  Various factors contribute to each and every storm.  Times of day, type of precipitation, intensity, duration, temperature (both surface and air) are all factors that determine how a particular winter event is managed by the DPW.
Road treatment of sand and salt will be provided on an as-needed basis.  Treatment will be provided first to primary public roads, and then to collector roads and town-owned buildings.

Snowplows navigate many narrow streets.  Residents are respectfully requested to avoid parking on the street to allow the snowplow to clear the street from curb-to-curb.  Motor vehicles parked on a road or shoulder during snow removal operations may be asked to move, by the Seabrook Police Department, if it impairs efforts to clear the road properly.