ALERTS: All departments will be CLOSED, Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day. Monday's rubbish will be picked up on Tuesday, May 28th.

Storm Advisory to Unitil Customers

If customers experience outages, they should report their outage on the web (click here) or call Unitil. This helps identify the location and nature of problems on the system. The toll free number is: 1-800 582-7276

Unitil also advises customer to be prepared. They recommend they check and inventory of the following items before losing power:

warm coats, hats and mittens for all family members
flashlights and fresh batteries battery-operated radio and clock
containers filled with water and/or bottled water
canned or dried food and a manual can opener
list of important phone numbers
first aid kit
charged cell phone

High winds can result in downed wires. Resident should assume all dabbles and wires that have fallen or dangling are energized and stay away. Additionally, we ask customers to ensure that dryer vents, hot water and boiler exhausts and utility meters are cleared of snow and ice and have ample space to vent. They should also check to ensure that ice and snow falling from roofs and eaves are cleared and do not damage the vents, exhaust or meters.
If outages do occur, Unitil personnel will be working around the clock until power is restored. In addition, we will be providing updated information on storm restoration efforts (click here) to the local media and to public officials on a regular basis.