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Town Election Recount Results

Town of Seabrook, NH
Recount Results for March 22, 2017 Town Election

Town Clerk
Recount Start time 9:00AM  – Recount End Time 10:25 AM

Candidates Recount Original Count
Cheryl Bowen 533 533
Bonnie Fowler 529 528

Seabrook School Board
Recount Start time 10:40AM  – Recount End Time 11:55 AM

Candidates Recount Original Count
Keith Sanborn 569 570
Maria Brown 454 454
Michael E. Chase 485 487

School Board Member
Recount Start time 11:57 AM  – Recount End Time 12:20 PM

Candidates Recount Original Count
Paul Knowles 398 396
Michael Rabideau 493 495

Article 28 (Sewer Septic Hauler)
Recount Start time 12:40 PM  – Recount End Time 1:00 PM

Article Recount Original Count
Sewer Dept. Septic Hauler  – Yes 492 493
Sewer Dept. Septic Hauler  – No 504 502

Sorting the Ballots from the Boxes

Virginia Small, Gary Fowler

Sorting and Counting Ballots

Kelly O’Connor, Morgan O’Connor, Carrie Fowler, Tia Knowles, Lara Wolfenden, Shaylia Marquis, Betty Thibodeau, Paul Reed