ALERTS: The Town Clerks office will be closed Wednesday, May 15th for their annual Seacost Regional Conference, they will reopen, Thursday, May 16th at 7:30am.

Vacancy for the Nuclear Decommission Committee

The Board of Selectmen are seeking a Seabrook resident to volunteer to represent the Town of Seabrook on the New Hampshire Nuclear Decommissioning Financing Committee. This Committee meets quarterly.

“The Nuclear Decommissioning Financing Committee was established by RSA 162-F:15 to provide assurance of adequate funding of nuclear generating facilities “to ensure proper and safe decommissioning and subsequent surveillance of nuclear reactor sites to the extent necessary to prevent such sites from constituting a hazard to future generations.” RSA 162-F:1. This Committee is responsible for determining the appropriate amount of money that needs to be set aside and maintained in a trust fund, and periodically updated, for the purpose of decommissioning any nuclear facilities located in New Hampshire. This Committee has eight members, including various state officials and a representative of the municipality where the facility is located; the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission is one of the members.”

The Board seeks a volunteer with a financial background. Please send a letter of interest to the Seabrook Board of Selectmen through the Office of the Town Manager by February 22, 2019.
[email protected]