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Senator Jeanne Shaheen Visits Seabrook

It was wonderful to have Senator Jeanne Shaheen visit Seabrook and talk about federal transportation funding, and how that funding impacts local projects, specifically the very critical Route 1 widening scheduled for next year. As always the Town of Seabrook recognizes and truly appreciates the work of the Rockingham County Planning Commission as well as the New Hampshire D.O.T. Both have been truly great partners for the Town on this project, and many others. We truly appreciate Senator Shaheen taking the time to visit, and for all of the federal assistance she has brought to Seabrook. The video of her remarks is attached.


Status of Piping Plovers Seabrook Beach

I have attached below an update from Brendan Clifford of NH Fish and Game on the status of Piping Plovers at Seabrook Beach. There is mapping of the existing nests, and the Guideline for Wildlife Management in the attached documents. We appreciate the work and communication from the State of New Hampshire on this issue.

I am emailing to update you on the status of the piping plover nests this year on Seabrook Beach. I’ve attached a map showing the location of each nest and the expected hatching dates. As you know, NHFG manages the beaches in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to prevent ‘take’ of any piping plover, chick or eggs. The piping plover is protected under the federal Endangered Species Act.

Motorized vehicles are a significant threat to the survival of chicks (they cannot fly and are extremely hard to see). They often squat in the sand when the feel threatened. To protect against accidentally killing or disturbing the chicks the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommends that no vehicles should be on the beach in areas where chicks are present unless they are essential for responding to a life-threatening emergency. I’ve also attached a copy of the USFWS Guidelines for Managing Recreational Activities in Plover Breeding Areas that explains vehicle use in more detail.

We currently have 3 Piping plover nests on Seabrook Beach and 1 nest on the Harborside Beach. Two of the nests on Seabrook Beach are scheduled to hatch this week so at this time we need to cease all vehicle use of the beach (except in life threatening emergency situations). The nest north of Hooksett Street is not scheduled to hatch until mid-July so there will still be opportunity to clean the beach there but only in coordination with our plover monitor, Stacy Peterson.

Given the late nesting this year there are likely to be plover chicks on the beach into August. I will keep you updated on the status of the birds.

Seabrook June 2015 Plover locations

Harborside (2)

Guildlifes for Recreational Management

Periscope Interview with Water Superintendent Curtis Slayton

At the June 15th Board of Selectmen meeting Water Superintendent Curtis Slayton talked about the need for some voluntary water conservation by Seabrook residents. With two wells down for maintenance and with extremely dry weather our water system, on an 18 hour pump cycle, is bumping into its capacity.We used Periscope to do a live stream with Superintendent Slayton on that subject. This is a replay of that interview.

Request for Proposal # B2015-OSMH-02

The Request for Proposal for the Old South Meetinghouse is below.


Letter of intent to Bid


Invitation to Bid # B2015-WTR-03

The Invitation to Bid for a 4×4 Loader Backhoe for the Water Department, # B2015-WTR-03, is below.


Letter of intent to Bid

Invitation to Bid #B2015-DPW-03

The Invitation to Bid on a 4×4 Loader Backhoe is below.


Letter of intent to Bid

Seabrook Memorial Day

The Town of Seabrook turned out on a beautiful Sunday to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our Country, to preserve the freedom and liberty we hold dear. The Board of Selectmen would like to thank all who participated in the service, and the Parade. Special thanks to the American Legion for all that they do for Seabrook. God Bless America. The Memorial Service is attached below.

Seabrook Memorial Day

Kane Group Presentation on Future of Yankee Greyhound

The Kane Group, the prospective developer of the Yankee Greyhound facility, came in to explain their proposal to the Seabrook Board of Selectmen last week. I have attached that video to this posting for those that might have missed it. The Kane Group is also making a public presentation tonight, Tuesday May 26, at the track facility. The invitation from the Kane Group on tonight’s meeting is below:

We are hosting an informal informational meeting tomorrow evening (Tuesday May 26) at the racetrack site at 6:00 pm. We will have our experts and officials from Rand Whitney at the meeting. The event will be catered and is meant to be an opportunity for concerned or interested people to ask questions that might not be possible at a public hearing. We will also be presenting our master plan for the project and will be taking suggestions on that plan. We hope that anyone who has an interest in what we are proposing, for or against, will take the opportunity to stop by so that we can have the best possible outcome for all parties. Thank you.

Goodwill Comes to Seabrook

It was a pleasure to be able to join the folks at Goodwill, who recently had a Grand Opening for the new Seabrook store. The new store and donation center is at 21 Chevy Chase Road. The 16,500 square foot building features a convenient donation drive, polished concrete floors (which eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners), indoor and outdoor LED lights and large windows to reduce electricity use.

The store will feature a wide variety of donated goods as well as a limited selection of new items to create a complete shopping experience.

The Seabrook Goodwill store will employ more than 40 full and part time staff. Store and donation center hours are Monday through Saturday 9:00am – 9:00pm and Sunday 10:00am – 7:00pm.

Goodwill Grand Opening
Town Manager Bill Manzi and Selectwoman Theresa Kyle join management at Goodwill grand opening.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Forum

I had the opportunity to get by and take in some of the very important issues dealt with at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Forum put on by the Integrated Systems of Care. My thanks to Vic Maloney, Sandi Coyle, and Stephanie Wright, as well as all of the people good enough to come and make presentations and give their time and effort for such a worthwhile cause.

With Vic Maloney and Sandi Coyle at Substance Abuse Forum.
With Vic Maloney and Sandi Coyle at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Summit at the Seabrook Recreation Center.