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Notification- Seabrook Water Department- Water Sampling Issue

The Town of Seabrook was notified tonight by our state certified lab that one of our water samples tested positive for E. coli bacteria. We have been, since that time, in close consultation with the New Hampshire DES, and we are strictly adhering to NHDES protocols. The Town of Seabrook Water Department, along with NHDES, will be working over the weekend to resample to determine if there was a problem with the testing process, or if additional measures need to be taken. Chief Operator George Eaton and Water Superintendent Curtis Clayton have responded, and are currently working with NHDES on this issue. At this time no boil order for Seabrook has been issued. In the event that a boil water notice is issued, or other measures become necessary, the public will be notified by reverse 911 or code red, through social media, and through the Town website. The Seabrook Water Department will continue working with NHDES to resolve this issue, and to keep the public informed.

New Scoreboard at Seabrook Recreation

The Seabrook Board of Selectmen joined Recreation Director Katie Duffey and the Seabrook Firefighters union, and Fire Chief Bill Edwards, as the new scoreboard and scorers table at the Recreation Center was unveiled. The Seabrook professional firefighters contributed 50% of the cost of the purchase, and I join the Board in thanking them for their generosity. Great job by Director Katie Duffey and the Recreation staff as well.

DPW Fourth of July Trash/recycling Schedule

On Wednesday July 4 the DPW/Transfer Station will be closed. Wednesday’s rubbish and recyclables will be picked up on Tuesday July 3.
Double rubbish runs at the beach will begin on Thursday July 5th 2018. Have a safe Fourth of July.

Water Main Break Lakeshore Drive Is Resolved

The Water Main break reported Friday on Lakeshore Drive has been resolved. Thank you to the Water Department.

The Seabrook Water and Sewer Rate Presentation

On June 4, 2018 the Seabrook Board of Selectmen heard from David Fox, a consultant with Raftelis, a firm hired by the Board (after an Request for Proposal selection process) to do a water and sewer rate study for the Town of Seabrook. Raftelis was charged with giving the Board options for future rates after conducting an overview of the current rates. The strictly “operational” subsidy from the taxpayers of Seabrook to the water and sewer funds is approximately $1.8 million (based on FY2017 data.) I had given the Board separate studies on the Water Operations for 2017, as well as the Sewer operations for 2017. I have attached those below. The Power Point presentation by Mr. Fox is also below. The Board of Selectmen will have a public hearing on water and sewer rates on June 18, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. The rate options presented to the Board include a one year, five year, and ten year option for closing the “operational subsidy” from the taxpayers to the ratepayers. The Board has requested that Raftelis deliver a plan that would close the gap in seven years. If you would like to submit comments to the Board on water and sewer rates you may do so electronically by sending to [email protected]

Seabrook NH_BOS Meeting_06 04 18

Water Report 2017 Draft

Sewer Report 2017 Draft

Seabrook Fire Department Recognized for Outstanding Work

The Seabrook Fire Department was recently recognized by Portsmouth Regional Hospital for outstanding EMS Services, which highlighted a call they answered that saved a life. Chief Edwards described the call.

“The crew responded to a patient who had complained of not feeling good and was found unresponsive. When the crew arrived CPR was in progress. Crew took over CPR and Defibrillated the Patient. The Patient heart rhythm showed Ventricular Fibrillation or V-Fib with agonal respirations. So the crew continued CPR. Patient was nasally intubated and had assistance breathing with a Bag Valve Mask or BVM. Patient Airway was suctioned and Patient was transported to Seabrook ED.”

The Board of Selectmen were joined by Portsmouth Regional Hospital at their last meeting to recognize the outstanding work of Seabrook EMS, with a Board Certificate presented to the Department. The Board of Selectmen extend their congratulations and thanks to the Seabrook Fire Department, and to the Firefighters who participated in the call.

The six Firefighters were Robert Baker, Troy Coleman, Richard Curtis, Barry Sargent. Christopher Tilley, and Russell Eaton Jr.

The Beach Village District Contributes to Anniversary Celebration

The Beach Village District, at the June 4th Board of Selectmen meeting, presented the Board with a check for $10,000 for the Town’s 250th Anniversary Celebration. The Board of Selectmen were deeply appreciative of this most generous contribution, which will assist in making the Anniversary celebration a very special one. Beach Commission Chairman Richard Maguire, and Commissioner Joseph Giuffre were on hand to present the check to the Board. Thank you to the Beach Village District!

Seabrook Kicks Off 250th Anniversary Celebration

The Seabrook 250th Anniversary Celebration kicked off Sunday June 3, 2018 with a ceremony at the Old South Meetinghouse. Many thanks to the Seabrook Historic Society, the Seabrook Anniversary Committee, and the Seabrook Board of Selectmen for all of their work and support. Special thanks to Ollie Carter for his work, and to the legislative delegation for their help and support.

The Seabrook Water Department Recognized by DES

On May 17th 2018 the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services presented the Town of Seabrook Water Department and the Rockingham Planning Commission the 2018 Source Protection Award for pioneering work to protect groundwater resources in New Hampshire.

The Town of Seabrook requested that DES reclassify the wellhead protection area that encompasses the entirety of the of the town owned municipal public water supply wells to GAA from unclassified. This was a regional effort, with support coming from the Select Boards of Seabrook, Hampton Falls, and South Hampton. The initiative from all three communities authorized municipal staff to participate in the best management inspection program for the areas of the wellhead protection areas that are within their town borders. This action will increase protection for 4056 acres of the total 7039 acres in the wellhead protection area for the Town of Seabrook’s water wells.

This project was conceived back in 2014 when the Planning Board sub-committee had been examining the ramifications of future development in the Route 107 corridor. With the approval of the Seabrook Board of Selectmen the Water Department and the Rockingham Planning Commission started the application process with DES. This process entailed participation in public hearings, and Board of Selectmen meetings, in Seabrook, Hampton Falls, and South Hampton. The DES approved this application on September 20, 2017, with the Town of Seabrook water wells reclassified to GAA status from that date forward.

Water Superintendent Curtis Slayton has recommended a special commendation, and recognition, for Water Department Chief Operator/Primary Operator George Eaton, who has been instrumental in implementing the Best Management Practice inspections for the Town of Seabrook. These vital inspections play a key role in protecting the source water in the wellhead protection area which extends into four towns. This is a huge project for the Seabrook Water Department, and will help ensure the delivery of safe, clean water to the residents of Seabrook, and our neighboring communities. The Seabrook Water Department, and the Board of Selectmen, recognize, and deeply appreciates the prominent role played by the Rockingham Planning Commission in securing this project.

The Board of Selectmen recognized the Water Department with a Certificate of Appreciation at the June 4, 2018 meeting.

Thank you Seabrook DPW

A great job by DPW at the beach, rebuilding an existing deck behind the welcome center at the municipal parking lot. Here are some before and after photos. Thanks to a great crew for some terrific work.