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Fire Department Presentation on Platform/Ladder Truck

The Seabrook Fire Department has made a presentation on the need for a Platform Truck, which is Article #29 on this years ballot. It is an excellent presentation by the Firefighters, bringing some technical details that are vitally important to the discussion. This presentation is currently running on Channel 22.

Welcome to Our New Web Site

Welcome to the Town of Seabrook’s new web site, which is a part of the changes implemented last year when the Board of Selectmen initiated changes to our Government Access Channel 22. We hope that the new site will enable us to bring information to the public in a clearer fashion, and ultimately integrate some of the Channel 22 functions onto our website. We already live stream our Board meetings onto the Web, and we hope that the new site will complement that presence. Please let us know what your thoughts on the new site are. Look forward to hearing from all of you.