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The Grand Opening of “The Greyhound Casino & Tavern” in Seabrook

It was an exciting day in Seabrook, as Eureka Gaming opened the Greyhound Casino & Tavern at the site of the old Yankee Greyhound facility they recently purchased. This is the first of many upgrades to come at this location, and occurred a scant 40 plus days after Eureka purchased the site. There is much more to come! Stay tuned for some more exciting economic development news in Seabrook!

Kane Group Presentation on Future of Yankee Greyhound

The Kane Group, the prospective developer of the Yankee Greyhound facility, came in to explain their proposal to the Seabrook Board of Selectmen last week. I have attached that video to this posting for those that might have missed it. The Kane Group is also making a public presentation tonight, Tuesday May 26, at the track facility. The invitation from the Kane Group on tonight’s meeting is below:

We are hosting an informal informational meeting tomorrow evening (Tuesday May 26) at the racetrack site at 6:00 pm. We will have our experts and officials from Rand Whitney at the meeting. The event will be catered and is meant to be an opportunity for concerned or interested people to ask questions that might not be possible at a public hearing. We will also be presenting our master plan for the project and will be taking suggestions on that plan. We hope that anyone who has an interest in what we are proposing, for or against, will take the opportunity to stop by so that we can have the best possible outcome for all parties. Thank you.