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Street Paving Around Town

Paving on South Main Street and a portion of Washington Street began April 24th and will continue until approximately May 15th, 2017.


The route starts at the beginning of South Main Street at the Old Fire Station and will continue to the intersection of South Main Street and Washington Street.

Paving will continue up Washington Street to the set of lights at Rte 286 and then continue down South Main Street to end at approximately #226 South Main Street.


Please drive slowly.

Hydrant Flushing – Phase 3B and 3C Scheduled

Hydrant Flushing – Phase 3A – Begins Tonight

Hydrant Flushing Has Begun Phases 1 & 2 Scheduled

Water Mains Flushing This Month

The Seabrook Water Department will be flushing its mains April 18, 2017 through June 9, 2017, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends. There may be some low pressure and discolored water at this time. The department wishes to apologize for any inconvenience, but feels the improvement will make it worthwhile. Please check Channel 22 and the website for details.  Any questions, please call (603) 474-9921.

Town Election Recount Results

Town of Seabrook, NH
Recount Results for March 22, 2017 Town Election

Town Clerk
Recount Start time 9:00AM  – Recount End Time 10:25 AM

Candidates Recount Original Count
Cheryl Bowen 533 533
Bonnie Fowler 529 528

Seabrook School Board
Recount Start time 10:40AM  – Recount End Time 11:55 AM

Candidates Recount Original Count
Keith Sanborn 569 570
Maria Brown 454 454
Michael E. Chase 485 487

School Board Member
Recount Start time 11:57 AM  – Recount End Time 12:20 PM

Candidates Recount Original Count
Paul Knowles 398 396
Michael Rabideau 493 495

Article 28 (Sewer Septic Hauler)
Recount Start time 12:40 PM  – Recount End Time 1:00 PM

Article Recount Original Count
Sewer Dept. Septic Hauler  – Yes 492 493
Sewer Dept. Septic Hauler  – No 504 502

Sorting the Ballots from the Boxes

Virginia Small, Gary Fowler

Sorting and Counting Ballots

Kelly O’Connor, Morgan O’Connor, Carrie Fowler, Tia Knowles, Lara Wolfenden, Shaylia Marquis, Betty Thibodeau, Paul Reed

Town Election Results

The official counts are in Click HERE to see the vote tally for each item.

Voting Tomorrow!

Candidate’s Night 2017 On-Demand Replay available.

Despite the ongoing difficulties with the Channel 22 file services, we now have the video recording of February 16th’s Candidate’s Night reassembled, and available for viewing and download.

Open the Video in a new tab Here

Work continues to restore normal Viebit and SCTV22 programming as soon as possible.

Warrant Articles for 2017

This is the list of articles to be discussed at the Deliberative session on February 7, 2017.

Town of Seabrook Warrant Articles for 2017

This document will remain available on this page among our “Useful Links” Section, even after voting takes place.