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Seabrook Recreation Activates Online Registration

The Seabrook Recreation Department has activated online registration, which will allow for program registration, membership sign up, and direct program sign ups, with the ability to make payments, right from the comfort of your home. Check out the web site at I had the pleasure of going down to the Recreation Department and using the system as it opened for business on April 6. Let us know what you think. Thank you to Recreation Director Katie Duffey, IT Director Brian Murphy, and Treasurer Oliver Carter for all of their hard work to bring this system to Seabrook.

Opening the Recreation Web Site that allows online registration and payment.
Opening the Recreation Web Site that allows online registration and payment.

The story on the Seabrook Recreation Department bringing online registration to our programs.

Congratulations to Newly Elected Officials

The Seabrook swearing in of elected officials took place last Friday. Congratulations to everyone who offered their services to the Town of Seabrook, and congratulations and best wishes to the office holders, new and old.


Fire Chief Edwards on Warrant Articles 32-33-34- Town Elections 2016

Thanks to Fire Chief William Edwards, who did a live “Periscope” this past Friday to talk about the Warrant Articles 32-33,and 34. He gave us quite a bit of information on the articles as he seeks Town support for them. Please go out to vote in the Town elections on Tuesday March 8. The polls will be open 7:00 am to 7:00 p.m.

Seabrook Recreation Department Volunteer Policy

The Seabrook Board of Selectmen have adopted a policy governing how our Recreation Department will conduct background checks for those volunteering at the Recreation Department. This policy was written using national recreational best practices by Director Katie Duffey. It is important to have written policies that are clearly understandable and fairly administered. If you have any questions or concerns on this policy please contact the Office of the Town Manager, or our Recreation Director Katie Duffey.

Background Check policy 2016 Adopted

Seabrook Public Auction

The Town of Seabrook has started to use the services provided by Public Surplus, a web portal where we can “auction” off equipment that has been declared surplus in order to maximize the return of value to our taxpayers. This is an initiative of our Chief Procurement Officer Shaylia Marquis, and I have provided the link to our first auction below. Please check back with us periodically, as we will continue to auction surplus equipment that may have residual value.

We have updated our purchasing policies to reflect both transparency and accountability, with Departments submitting requests to surplus equipment to our Procurement Office, who then prepares the necessary request to the Seabrook Board of Selectmen with all of the required asset detail. Final determination on suitability of the request lies with the Board of Selectmen, who enacted the new policy within the past 15 months. Thanks to the Board of Selectmen and our Procurement Office for this outstanding work.

Link to the auction site here.

Toys for Tots Parade 2015

We were blessed with a great day for a Parade last Sunday, when the Seabrook Toys for Tots Parade took place. The Parade grew, and we had a great turnout and lots of family fun. A great job by all those who worked on this event!






Swearing In of Chief Michael Gallagher

On December 3rd the Town of Seabrook held a swearing in for Police Chief Michael Gallagher at the Seabrook Library. There were many public safety officials present, including State Police Colonel Robert Quinn, U.S. Marshall David Cargill, Salisbury Police Chief Tom Fowler, Hampton Police Chief Rich Sawyer, and many other Chiefs from the Seacoast region. We had the privilege of having State Senator Lou D’Allasandro on hand as well, and he made some terrific comments. The Seabrook Board of Selectmen were on hand, and both Aboul Khan and Theresa Kyle spoke about their support for the appointment of Chief Gallagher. Thank you to Sgt. Kevin Gelineau for all of his work on this event, and congratulations to Chief Gallagher! The video is below.




The Swearing In of Fire Captain Kevin Janvrin

On Friday November 13, 2015 the Seabrook Fire Department had the swearing in of Fire Captain Kevin Janvrin, held at the Fire Department. The ceremony was attended by area Chiefs, as well as by the Board of Selectmen, and was the first to be held right at the Seabrook Fire Station. Captain Janrin was “pinned” by his mom. We look forward to Captain Janvrin’s continuing service to the citizens of Seabrook.

Captain Kevin Janvrin Sworn In.
Fire Captain Kevin Janvrin sworn in at the Seabrook Fire Station November 13, 2015.

Seabrook Library- Presentation on Benedict Arnold

The Seabrook Library will present a program on Benedict Arnold, Patriot on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Seabrook Library, 25 Liberty Lane in Seabrook.
We all “know” Benedict Arnold, the traitor of 1780, but this ignores his many exploits of 1775, 1776 and 1777, when the dream of independence was at its most fragile.
A tiny American army, an advance through a howling wilderness. An attack against impossible odds in a blinding snowstorm. A scratch fleet overwhelmed by the Royal Navy—but delaying invasion for a fateful year, saving The Cause.
The presenter, George Morrison, takes us along a journey through New England, Quebec Province, and New York, exploring historic and modern images.
This program is free and open to the public.

The Dedication of the Fisherman’s Memorial

It was an honor to be present at the recent dedication of the Fisherman’s Memorial at Harborside Park, where a beautiful memorial stone was unveiled remembering those Seabrook residents who have been lost at sea. The Seabrook Board of Selectmen were on hand, and expressed their gratitude for the work put in by DPW Director Starkey on this project. Thanks also to former Selectman Bob Moore, who was a driving force in bringing this idea forward. There is a video clip with DPW Manager John Starkey’s remarks at the unveiling below.

Seabrook Fisherman Memorial

Seabrook Fisherman Memorial2