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Seabrook Master Plan

Cover, Table of Content, Introduction & Vision (Adopted 12-6-11)

1-Population Housing (Adopted 12-6-11)

2-Natural Resources (Adopted 12-6-11)

3-Land Use-Future Land Use (Adopted 12-6-11)

4-Historic Resources (Adopted 12-6-11)

5-Transportation and Circulation (Adopted 12-6-11)

6-Economic Development (Adopted 12-6-11)

7-Community Facilities (Adopted 12-6-11)

8-Implementation Guide (Adopted 12-6-11)

9-Coastal Hazards and Adaptation (Adopted December 2016)

Seabrook Adaptation Study

Smithtown Fact Sheet (Adopted 12-20-11)

Smithtown Flyer