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The Grand Opening of the Weare-Merriman Community Park

The grand opening of the Weare-Merriman Community Park happened over this past weekend. This park comes to the Seabrook community from the very generous donation of a twenty acre parcel by the Merriman family. Diane Merriman Shenberger, Cathy Merriman Cygan, Susan Merriman Synodis and Carol Merriman Schwanhausser together made this very generous donation, and then consented to having the Town explore for water on the site. Water Superintendent Curtis Slayton. Chief Operator George Eaton and the fabulous water team hit water, providing Seabrook with two major wells that will help to provide water security for Seabrook for the next twenty years. The water wells will not negatively impact the beautiful passive recreation desired by the family, along with the nine hole disc golf course that was constructed on site. My thanks to the family, who traveled to the site from as far away as California, to Curtis Slayton and his great Water Department, who did so much of the site work. My thanks to TEC, who helped to engineer the site and who brought us Dennis Grzywacz, of Acme Disc Golf, who designed the golf portion. The Seabrook Board of Selectmen were instrumental in making this happen. My thanks to Shaylia Wood, who worked diligently on getting the beautiful sign procured, and then helping to make sure the site was ready. The work has been going on since 2016. Slow and steady wins the day! Thank you to all.

Seabrook Memorial Day Service 2024

A very big thank you to the American Legion Raymond Walton Post 70, Cassandra Carter of Seabrook Recreation, the Seabrook DPW, and the Seabrook Police and Fire Departments, as well as the Board of Selectmen for supporting and attending, the annual Memorial Day Service. Thank you to the legislative delegation as well. It was an honor to have Gold Star Mother Florence Souther in attendance as well. It turned into a beautiful day for the ceremony and the Parade to honor the service and sacrifice of those that have given their lives in the defense of our nation. Thank you

Water and Sewer Reports 2023

The Seabrook Water and Sewer reports for 2023 are below. I have produced these reports for many years, and while they retain the existing format they now include capital costs into the calculation of the annual subsidy going from taxpayers to rate payers. The reports show that the annual water/sewer deficit for 2023 is $2.3 million.

The Select Board has determined to make the system self reliant in 2024. They have adopted a rate system that should fully fund both water and sewer departments, including all capital costs. The new rates were effective as of January 1, 2024. These rates will lift that $2.3 million dollar subsidy off of the tax rate and move it to the ratepayers. Taxpayers should realize a large benefit.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact my office.

Water Report 2023 Draft

Sewer Report 2023 Draft

The 2023 Seabrook Emergency Operations Plan

The Town of Seabrook has completed, and the Board of Selectmen approved, the 2023 Emergency Operations Plan. This plan is updated every five years and follows our 2018 update. My thanks to Emergency Management Director Joseph Titone, Emergency Management Secretary Kelly McDonald, and Fire Chief William Edwards for all of their work on this project. The plan is attached below.

EOP_PublicReleaseVersion_Seabrook2023 Final

Seabrook Tax Impact Warrant Analysis

The analysis given to the Seabrook Board of Selectmen looks at the adopted budget as well as the warrant articles that passed. Those articles are evaluated on the basis of “tax impact.” What that means is that the approved articles are calculated only for the amounts that would need to be raised through the 2023 property tax. The articles are also categorized by Department.

Board Memo 2023 Warrant Post Election Analysis

Seabrook Water and Sewer Reports 2022

I have attached the Water and Sewer Reports presented to the Seabrook Board of Selectmen at the March 20, 2023 meeting. These reports cover the 2022 year.

Water Report 2022 Draft

Sewer Report 2022 Draft Copy

The Seabrook Annual Finance Report 2022

I have attached the 2022 Financial Report provided to the Board of Selectmen at the February 6, 2023 Board meeting. I have also attached the Executive Summary of the report.

Finance Report Executive Summary 2022

Financial Report 2022 Seabrook Draft

Seabrook CIP 2023-2028

The Seabrook Draft CIP has been released. We have utilized a new format for this draft which will better meet the needs of the Selectmen, Budget Committee, and Planning Board as a key aid in compiling annual capital budget requests through the warrant. This document, in draft form, has been presented to the Board of Selectmen, who have begun their review.

In order to facilitate that review I have prepared “mini-CIP” documents reviewing departmental requests, with a focus on the FY 2023 capital budget by department. The reviewed department documents are also included here.

One of the improvements made to this process is to identify how these capital requests will be paid for, and whether such financing is on a “pay-go” basis or utilizes other financing methodology.

There may be some changes to this document before it is finalized.

Town of Seabrook 2023 CIP Final

DPW CIP Overview 2023

Water CIP Overview 2023

Sewer CIP Overview 2023

Recreation CIP Overview 2023

Police CIP Overview 2023

Fire CIP Overview 2023

The 2021 Water and Sewer Reports

The Seabrook Water report, and the separate Sewer report, are posted below. These reports will be discussed by the Board of Selectmen at the May 16, 2022 meeting.

Despite great progress there is still a taxpayer subsidy going to these funds, especially in Sewer.

Water Report 2021 Draft

Sewer Report 2021 draft

The Seabrook Finance Report 2021

Each year I present a finance report to the Board of Selectmen that covers Town financial data from 2014 on. In this case the covered period is 2014-2021. We examine the trends that the finance data show, and what challenges those trends bring to policy makers. The continuing shift away from the commercial/industrial sector as a percentage of the overall tax levy is shown through the NextEra (Seabrook Station) numbers over the measured period. NextEra as a percentage of the overall tax levy has gone from 42% to 28%. (The NextEra Shift) In 2021 the residential sector exceeded 50% of the total levy for the first time in the measured period.

With the application of fund balance the total tax levy in 2021 rose by under 4%. Despite that number the shifting of the overall burden to residential created, and will continue to create, a rising tax burden for the Seabrook residential sector.

I have included an executive summary that is attached below that brings some additional key data into the discussion for policy makers. We will be discussing the report at the Board meeting of May 16, 2022. I will post the 2021 Water and Sewer reports separately. They will be a key part of the ongoing discussions.

Financial Report 2021 Seabrook Draft

Finance Report Executive Summary 2021