ALERTS: Town Hall CLOSED, Friday, May 27th and Monday, May 30th. The Transfer Station will be CLOSED, Monday, May 30th. Monday's rubbish will be picked up on Tuesday's the 31st.

Past Bids

B2021-MGR-13      184 South Main Street

B2021-MGR-12      Lot Off Ledge Road

B2021-MGR-11      Lot Off Route 95

B2021-MGR-10      Lot Off Folly Mill Road

B2020-AD-06         Revaluation – to Vision Govt. Solutions, Hudson MA

B2020-AD-05         Data Collection to Vision Govt. Solutions, Hudson MA

B2020-MGR-09      Seawall Repair Project – 

B2020-WTR-11      Water Tank Painting – to World Wide Industries Corp. Butler, PA

B2020-PD-03          ATV & UTV Purchase – No Bids

B2020-PD-02          Police Department 14′ X 24′ Shed –

B2019-MGR-08       Energy Management Services – to Ameresco, Kittery, ME

B2019-DPW-08       Part 2 Cab & Chassis Outfit – to Tenco New England Inc. Barre, VT

B2019-REC-04        Recreation Boiler Project – to Northern Peabody LLC, Manchester, NH

B2019-WTR-10       Water SCADA – to Wilson Controls, Lee NH

B2019-SWR-06       Wastewater Chlorination Tank(s) Repairs – No Award

B2019-SWR-05       Bridge Outfall Pipe Replacement – to Eckman Engineering Inc, Portsmouth, NH

B2018-MGR-07       Land Sale Map 6 Lot 21 – to Daniel Syvinski, Seabrook NH 1/24/19

B2018-SWR-04       Sewer Outfall Pipe Replacement – No Award

B2017-AD-04          Data Collections – to Vision Govt. Solutions, Northboro MA 12/12/17

B2017-MGR-06       Lease of Space on Water Tower – to T-Mobile Northeast, 10/21/17

B2017-DPW-07       DPW Roof – to WeatherGuard/SMJ Metals, Northhampton MA 8/17/17

B2017-WTR-09        Anne’s Ln Waterline Replacement – To Jamco, South Hampton NH 7/18/17

B2017-DPW-05       2017 Ford F-350 4X4 SD Super Cab SRW 4WD –

B2017-DPW-06        Boom Flail Mower – To H.P. Fairfield, Pembroke NH 5/31/17

B2017-WTR-08        Clean & Redev. GPW#4 – To F.G. Sullivan Drilling, Lancaster, MA 2/27/17

B2016-LIB-01           Library Roof Project – To Progressive Roofing, Haverhill, MA 8/18/16

B2016-SWR-03        HVAC Unit Replacement – To MCS Inc, Windham, NH 12/15/16

B2016-WTR-07        Portable Air Compressor – To Trask-Decrow, Scarborough, ME 12/8/16

B2016-REC-03         Recreation Roof Project – To Progressive Roofing, Haverhill, MA 10/19/16

B2016-MGR-05       Annual Audit – To Plodzik & Sanderson, Concord, NH 10/12/16

B2016-OSMH-03    Interior Renovations – To Old Time Restoration Inc. Fitchburg, MA 9/7/16

B2016-WTR-06       Water & Sewer Rate Study – To Raftelis & Woodcock Assoc. 7/8/16

B2016-FD-02          Ambulance Billing Services – To NEMB, South Easton, MA 6/3/16

B2016-WTR-05       Bedrock Test Well Program – To Geosphere, Exeter, NH 5/25/16

B2015-MGR-03       Property & Liability Coverage – To Primex, Concord, NH 3/14/16

B2016-MGR-04        GASB45 Actuarial Valuation – To Aquarius Capital, Port Chester, NY 3/11/16

B2015-DPW-04        New Recycling Truck – To Liberty International, Manchester, NH 2/8/16

B2015-WTR-04        Rockwell#2 Rehabilitation – To Denis L. Maher Co., Ayer, MA 1/5/16

B2015-REC-02         Recreation Bldg. Skylight  – To Skylights New England, Belmont, VT 1/4/16

B2015-AD-03           Reval. of Utility Properties – To G. E. Sansoucy, Lancaster NH 11/24/15

B2015-AD-02           Complete Reval. of the Town – To Vision, Northboro, MA 11/24/15

B2015-MGR-02        Town Hall Roof Project – To Progressive Roofing Haverhill, MA 11/12/15

B2015-SWR-02         Roof Repair at Wastewater – To Progressive Roofing Haverhill, MA 11/4/15

B2015-SWR-01         SCADA Upgrade – To Wilson Controls. Lee, NH 11/02/15

B2015-REC-01          Replacement of Back-up Generator – Bid not Awarded

B2015-OSMH-02     Old So. Mtg. House – To Old Time Restoration Inc. Fitchburg, MA 7/15/15

B2015-MGR-01        GIS System – To PeopleGIS. Woburn, MA 7/10/15

B2015-DPW-03        4X4 Loader Backhoe – To Milton CAT. Hopkinton, NH 6/30/15

B2015-WTR-03         4X4 Loader Backhoe – To Milton CAT. Hopkinton, NH 6/30/15