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Past Bids

B2024-DPW-11        DPW Scale – Fairbanks Scale, Bellingham, MA

B2024-PD-005        PD Janitorial Svc. – AM-PM Janitorial, Hampton Falls, NH

B2024-SWR-15       Wastewater Forklift – Forklifts NH, Hooksett, NH

B2024-TH-01          Town Hall Boiler Replacement – Blouin Services Seabrook, NH

B2023-SWR-13       6-Wheel Pump Truck – ATG, Seabrook, NH

B2023-PD-004        Snow Removal & Salt – GCS Outdoors Newbury, MA

B2023-DPW-10      Mosquito Control Services – North Eastern Vegetation and Mosquito, Epping ,NH

S2023-SWR-12       Grit Classifier – Russell Resources, Brewer, ME

B2023-MGR-18      Statistical Reappraisal – Vision Gov’t Solutions, Hudson, MA

B2023-MGR-17      Master Plan TZM Planning, Portsmouth, NH

B2023-MGR-16      202 South Main Street – Stanley Saracy

B2023-MGR-15      141 South Main Street – Kim Dow Carbone

B2022-MGR-14      Seawall Repairs – R.S Audley Inc., Bow, NH

B2021-DPW-09      Plow Equipment & Dump Body

B2021-MGR-13      184 South Main Street – Robert Watts

B2021-MGR-12      Lot Off Ledge Road – Rayenold Perkins

B2021-MGR-11      Lot Off Route 95 – Srinivasan Ravikumar

B2021-MGR-10      Lot Off Folly Mill Road – Paul Lepere

B2020-AD-06         Revaluation – to Vision Govt. Solutions, Hudson MA

B2020-AD-05         Data Collection to Vision Govt. Solutions, Hudson MA

B2020-MGR-09      Seawall Repair Project – Collins Engineers, Portsmouth, NH

B2020-WTR-11      Water Tank Painting – to World Wide Industries Corp. Butler, PA

B2020-PD-03          ATV & UTV Purchase – No Bids

B2020-PD-02          Police Department 14′ X 24′ Shed – Reeds Ferry Shed, Hudson, NH

B2019-MGR-08       Energy Management Services – to Ameresco, Kittery, ME

B2019-DPW-08       Part 2 Cab & Chassis Outfit – to Tenco New England Inc. Barre, VT

B2019-REC-04        Recreation Boiler Project – to Northern Peabody LLC, Manchester, NH

B2019-WTR-10       Water SCADA – to Wilson Controls, Lee NH

B2019-SWR-06       Wastewater Chlorination Tank(s) Repairs – No Award

B2019-SWR-05       Bridge Outfall Pipe Replacement – to Eckman Engineering Inc, Portsmouth, NH

B2018-MGR-07       Land Sale Map 6 Lot 21 – to Daniel Syvinski, Seabrook NH 1/24/19

B2018-SWR-04       Sewer Outfall Pipe Replacement – No Award

B2017-AD-04          Data Collections – to Vision Govt. Solutions, Northboro MA 12/12/17

B2017-MGR-06       Lease of Space on Water Tower – to T-Mobile Northeast, 10/21/17

B2017-DPW-07       DPW Roof – to WeatherGuard/SMJ Metals, Northhampton MA 8/17/17

B2017-WTR-09        Anne’s Ln Waterline Replacement – To Jamco, South Hampton NH 7/18/17

B2017-DPW-05       2017 Ford F-350 4X4 SD Super Cab SRW 4WD –

B2017-DPW-06        Boom Flail Mower – To H.P. Fairfield, Pembroke NH 5/31/17

B2017-WTR-08        Clean & Redev. GPW#4 – To F.G. Sullivan Drilling, Lancaster, MA 2/27/17

B2016-LIB-01           Library Roof Project – To Progressive Roofing, Haverhill, MA 8/18/16

B2016-SWR-03        HVAC Unit Replacement – To MCS Inc, Windham, NH 12/15/16

B2016-WTR-07        Portable Air Compressor – To Trask-Decrow, Scarborough, ME 12/8/16

B2016-REC-03         Recreation Roof Project – To Progressive Roofing, Haverhill, MA 10/19/16

B2016-MGR-05       Annual Audit – To Plodzik & Sanderson, Concord, NH 10/12/16

B2016-OSMH-03    Interior Renovations – To Old Time Restoration Inc. Fitchburg, MA 9/7/16

B2016-WTR-06       Water & Sewer Rate Study – To Raftelis & Woodcock Assoc. 7/8/16

B2016-FD-02          Ambulance Billing Services – To NEMB, South Easton, MA 6/3/16

B2016-WTR-05       Bedrock Test Well Program – To Geosphere, Exeter, NH 5/25/16

B2015-MGR-03       Property & Liability Coverage – To Primex, Concord, NH 3/14/16

B2016-MGR-04        GASB45 Actuarial Valuation – To Aquarius Capital, Port Chester, NY 3/11/16

B2015-DPW-04        New Recycling Truck – To Liberty International, Manchester, NH 2/8/16

B2015-WTR-04        Rockwell#2 Rehabilitation – To Denis L. Maher Co., Ayer, MA 1/5/16

B2015-REC-02         Recreation Bldg. Skylight  – To Skylights New England, Belmont, VT 1/4/16

B2015-AD-03           Reval. of Utility Properties – To G. E. Sansoucy, Lancaster NH 11/24/15

B2015-AD-02           Complete Reval. of the Town – To Vision, Northboro, MA 11/24/15

B2015-MGR-02        Town Hall Roof Project – To Progressive Roofing Haverhill, MA 11/12/15

B2015-SWR-02         Roof Repair at Wastewater – To Progressive Roofing Haverhill, MA 11/4/15

B2015-SWR-01         SCADA Upgrade – To Wilson Controls. Lee, NH 11/02/15

B2015-REC-01          Replacement of Back-up Generator – Bid not Awarded

B2015-OSMH-02     Old So. Mtg. House – To Old Time Restoration Inc. Fitchburg, MA 7/15/15

B2015-MGR-01        GIS System – To PeopleGIS. Woburn, MA 7/10/15

B2015-DPW-03        4X4 Loader Backhoe – To Milton CAT. Hopkinton, NH 6/30/15

B2015-WTR-03         4X4 Loader Backhoe – To Milton CAT. Hopkinton, NH 6/30/15